Citroen Xantia

since 1993 of release

Repair and car operation

Citroen Xantia
- Introduction
   Citroёn Xantia cars - the summary
   Acquisition of spare parts and identification numbers of the car
   Technology of performance of repair procedures
   Tools and workplace equipment
   Operations procedure in extreme situations
   Poddomkrachivaniye and towage
   Change of wheels
   Engine start from an auxiliary source
   Identification of leaks
   Preparation of the car for checkup
   Diagnostics of malfunctions of knots and car systems
   Features of traffic regulations of the countries of Europe
+ Operation manual
+ Routine maintenance
+ engine Repair
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ Power supply system and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Uniform hydraulic system
+ Brake system
+ Running gear and steering
+ Body and salon furnish
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ electric equipment Schemes

Tools and workplace equipment

General information

Ability to pick up the good tool is one of fundamental requirements for each motorist, planning to try the forces in performance of procedures of maintenance or car repairs. At first sight, the expenses connected with acquisition of the demanded set of tools, can seem incommensurably big, however at their sravnivaniye with the expenses interfaced to performance of procedures of routine maintenance and the elementary car repairs at car repair shop, will appear quite reasonable.

To help the average amateur mechanic with a choice of the tool necessary at carrying out various procedures on the care of the car, described in this Management, the lists of three tool kits which have been conditionally entitled as below are provided: "A tool kit for routine maintenance and the minimum repair";" Tool kit for the general and major maintenance "and" the special tool". The owners of cars who do not have practical experience of carrying out mechanical works, should begin with performance of the procedures limited to use of tools from the first list, increasing thus the qualification and gradually expanding a range of the applied tool. With acquisition of experience it is possible to pass to performance of more complex challenges, as required supplementing a tool kit available on hands. After a while the received skills will allow to start performance of more difficult works demanding use of the tool from the second list (for the general and major maintenance of the car). When the reached qualification will allow to save considerable means on independent performance of difficult repair procedures, it is possible to think of acquisition of the special tool.

Tool kit on routine maintenance and the minimum car repairs

The list provided below includes a minimum of procedures of routine maintenance necessary for performance and insignificant car repairs of tools. Originators of the real Management insist on acquisition of a set of the combined wrenches (with a usual rozhkovy head on one end and with cap on other). Despite big cost of such set in comparison with cost of a set of usual rozhkovy keys, an expense will be justified, since these keys possess advantages of both types.

• A set of the combined keys of 8 x 19 mm
• An adjustable spanner on 35 mm
• Candle natural rubber insert (petrol models)
• The tool for adjustment of a candle gap (petrol models)
• Set measuring щупов
• The Nippelny key for pumping of brakes
• Screw-drivers:
   - With a flat sting (100 mm in length on 6 mm in diameter)
   - With a krestovy sting (100 mm in length on 6 mm in diameter)
• The combined nippers
• A hacksaw on metal with a set of cloths
• The pump for a rating of tires
• A manometer for pressure measurement in tires
• Lubricant gun (syringe)
• The canister under oil
• Fine-grained emery paper
• Wire brush
• The tool for cleaning of plugs and contacts of wires of the battery
• A key for removal of the oil filter
• Funnel (the average size)
• Props for car fixing in the lifted condition (2 pieces)
• Drain capacity

Tool kit for the general and major maintenance of the car

This tool is necessary at carrying out any operations on repair of the engine of the car and it is offered in addition to the first list. This list includes a complete set of replaceable face heads. At considerable cost, having appeared at the right time near at hand, the set of replaceable heads can bring invaluable advantage, thanks to the universality and convenience in the address — in particular in a combination with entering into a set of various type drives. Originators of the real Management recommend to use drives section of 1/2 inches (instead of 3/8 inches) since they, though are more expensive, can be used practically with any type of dinamometrichesky keys (in an ideal, the good mechanic should have at the order both such as drives). Cheaper alternative to a set of replaceable face heads is the set of tubular keys.

In the course of performance of some mechanical works there can be a need for additional use of special tools from the third list.

• A set of replaceable face heads (including TORH type heads), or tubular keys, the sizes corresponding to the sizes of wrenches from the previous list

• A reversive ratchet drive (for use with replaceable face heads)
• A collar in length of 250 mm (for use complete with a drive to face heads)
• The Kardanny drive (for use with replaceable face heads)
• A Dinamometrichesky key (with a drive of the same size, as for replaceable face heads)
• Самоконтрящиеся nippers
• A hammer with spherical brisk (about 230 g)
• A hammer with soft brisk (plastic or rubber)
• Screw-drivers:
   - With a flat sting (length of 150 mm and about 6.5 mm in diameter)
   - With a flat sting (strong mm No. 2, 8)
   - With a krestovy sting (No. 3 x 8 of inches (203 mm))
   - With a krestovy sting (strong No. 2)
• The combined nippers
• Flat-nose pliers:
   - With the isolated handles
   - Uzkonosye (nippers)
   - For lock rings (internal and external)
• A chisel on 25 mm
• A scraper (made of the copper tube flattened out and pointed from one end)
• Skrayber (chertilka)
• Center punch
• Small beards with a thin sting (1.6, 3.2, 4.8 mm)
• Set of shlangovy clips
• A set for pumping of brakes
• Set of drills
• Steel line/measuring instrument of planeness
• A set of prutkovy keys-shestigrannikov (Allen) (for heads with an internal shestigrannik)
• Set of files
• Wire brush (big)
• Second set of props
• Jack (hydraulic or nozhnichny type)
• Carrying with the closed lamp shade
• A set for pumping of brakes

Special tool

The tools being adequately expensive, not required regularly, or demanding at use of implementation of instructions of manufacturers get to this list. If the field of activity of the reader does not include frequent performance of difficult mechanical operations, acquisition of such tool will be a bad investment of means — reasonably to get it by sharing the cost with friends or to hire in car-care center workshops.

Only those tools which can be found in retail trade or which are issued for distribution on service centers are brought in the list. Sometimes in the Management text the reader will meet references with the instruction on need of use of such special tools. Usually authors try to offer in parallel the alternative method, allowing to avoid obligatory use of the remote tool. In case to avoid use of the special tool it is impossible, and its acquisition in using is problematic, performance of the corresponding works is better for entrusting specialists of car-care center.

• The tool for compression of klapanny springs

• The tool for grinding in of valves
• The adaptation for pro-cleaning of flutes of piston rings

• The tool for a staving of piston rings

• The tool for removal/installation of piston rings

• A measuring instrument of extent of compression of gases in cylinders (компрессометр)

• A vertical drill for processing of edges of cylinders
• Hon for processing of mirrors of cylinders
• Measuring instrument of diameter of cylinders
• Micrometer (micrometers) and/or tsiferblatny calliper

   - C micrometer set of nozzles

• The tool for centering of a disk of coupling

• Ex-tractor of spherical hinges
• Stripper of universal type
• The tool for compression of screw springs
• Shock screw-driver
• The Tsiferblatny measuring instrument with a set of nozzles

   - Tsiferblatny measuring instrument of plunzherny type (DTI)

• A stroboscope (with the inductive sensor)

   - Stroboscope

• The manual combined pump (vacuum/delivery)
• Set of taps and lerok
• The tachometer/tool for measurement of duration of the closed condition of contacts of the breaker
• A universal tester for electric measurements
• Elevating rigging
• The tool for removal/installation of cups of directing springs of brake boots
• Floor jack of telezhechny type

   - Set of shlitsevy heads

   - Set of shpilechny ex-tractors

Tool acquisition

to the amateur mechanic, the beginner in respect of acquisition of the necessary tool for performance of procedures of routine maintenance and car repairs can be offered some practical advice. By preparation for carrying out procedures of routine maintenance or the minimum car repairs it is reasonable to get the tool separately. On the other hand, in case of planning of wide works, it is simpler and more reliable to buy a set of the modern tool in shop of retail network. Set acquisition usually manages slightly cheaper than individual purchases and is often supplemented with the enclosed tool box. Further, for choice expansion, separate tools, additional sets and a tool box of the bigger size can be bought in addition. Gradual expansion of a set of tools will allow to stretch expenses and to be defined in a choice of really necessary tools.

Specialized tool shops are the unique source of acquisition of some special tools. Irrespective of a source, try to avoid cheap purchases, in particular at a choice of screw-drivers and replaceable face heads as term of their service for certain will appear short. The expenses connected with replacement and restoration of the cheap tool, as a result will appear incomparably more considerable, than costs of single acquisition of the qualitative goods.

Care of the tool and its storage

The good tool is a valuable investment of means, therefore it is reasonable to take care of keeping it clean and constant availability for service. After using the tool before combining it in a storage place, always carefully wipe its surface pure dry rags, deleting from it traces of dirt, greasing and the remains of metal particles. Never leave the tool scattered on a workplace. After completion of works attentively check space under a cowl and under the car on existence of the forgotten tool.

For storage of such tool as screw-drivers, flat-nose pliers, hammers, etc., the tool comb fixed in a convenient place on a wall of garage is ideally suited. Sets of wrenches and replaceable face heads should be stored in metal boxes. The measuring tool should be stored in inaccessible to impact of corrosion, dry and pure places.

Always it is necessary to pay attention to a condition of working surfaces of the tool. The shock part quickly a hammer in the course of work is subject to a rasklepyvaniye, screw-drivers lose over time sharpening of the stings. Do not stint to give a little time and attention to that by means of an emery paper or a file to remove расклепы and to put in order cutting edges of tools. It is irreversible the worn-out or damaged tool replace.

At careful leaving the tool will serve to you belief and the truth during very long term.

Workplace equipment

Speaking about the tool, it is necessary to remember the workplace equipment. If carrying out more serious work, than simple maintenance is necessary, it is necessary to take care of preparation of the suitable worker of a platform.

It is necessary to recognize that many motorists are compelled to perform removal of the engine and other similar works far not in the conditions of garage or a workshop. In any case the important requirement is roof or awning existence.

Whenever possible, any procedures on dismantling of knots of the car should be made on a pure flat workbench, or a strong table of convenient height. The workbench should be surely equipped with a vice. Existence of a vice with disclosure to 100 mm and with soft overlays for sponges is sufficient.

As it was already mentioned above, on a working platform the pure dry place for storage of the tool, lubricant and cleaning liquids, shpaklevka, paint and varnish materials, etc. should be equipped.

It is necessary to notice that absolutely necessary tool is the electrodrill, therefore, the working platform should be equipped with the power supply for its connection. Drill existence with the boss to 9.5 mm and a set of qualitative drills considerably will facilitate carrying out many procedures.

At last, on a workplace always there should be a sufficient stock of old newspapers and pure, not ворсящейся the rags, intended for cleaning of a working platform, the tool and car details.

It is necessary to hand over working off in the centers for utilization in tightly closed container.

Never perform any works on the barefaced painted surface of body panels of the car, use protective overlays for wings, or, at the worst, cover the polished surfaces with old blankets.